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No other company offers such great floor cleaning products

Posted by on April 07, 2015 . 0 Comments.

Floor cleaning... it's something that so few of us want to do, but that so many of us so obviously need to do, and that is certainly the case in your workplace. Whether you in based in an office, factory or school, there will always be a floor to be cleaned, and failure to keep yours spotless doesn't just leave a poor first impression - it could also be dangerous, for both you and your staff.

However, no organisation wants to pay through the nose for floor cleaning products. They want something that will do the job in an efficient manner, at a competitive price. Here at G & S Corporate Supplies in Nottinghamshire, we completely understand your need for no-nonsense floor cleaning products, which is why we offer such a broad range of them, from floor cleaning signs and floor pads to mops and mopping equipment.

Our many in-demand floorcare products include  our very own GSCS-branded Pine Floor Gel for most hard floors and Floor Maintainer Spray and Buff when you need to bring the floor up to a shine. Also to be found in our current range are various offerings from the renowned Evans Vanodine brand, such as Clean and Shine, Easy Shine, Easy Strip, Enhance, High Class, Lemon Gel, Low Foam Heavy, Low Foam Light, Pine Gel, Superseal and Sure Strip. You can also turn to us for floor seals and polish.

We are also a dependable source of all of the floor cleaning signs that you will ever need. Our current in-stock range includes not only a blank site safety sign, but also 'wet floor' and 'window cleaning in progress' signs in an assortment of designs. Then, there are the plenty of mops and mopping equipment that we can bring you, such as the AquaMax Socket Mop or Kentucky Mop and the likes of a measuring jug, galvanised steel mop bucket and oblong bucket. Look out for our promotions on Scot Young Research Ebony Combo Mopping Units.

When you also consider our mats and matting products including dust control floor mats and water horse floor mats, alongside an industry-leading selection of products from the Market Leaders Prochem with well known products such as Carpet Foam Shampoo, Extraction Plus and Lemon Refresh, it soon becomes clear why we enjoy such a strong reputation for floor cleaning products. You really couldn't expect to find a better provider of any of these items than G & S Corporate Supplies. 

Last update: April 07, 2015


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