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  OxyBAC™ Fresh 6 x ltr   Description: Unique, pleasantly perfumed broad spectrum..
  OxyBAC™ TOUCHFREE  Fresh 3 x1.2ltr   Description: Unique, pleasantly..
Measuring Jug  Opaque  CALIBRATED Ideal for measuring and diluting ..
Standard toilet soap bars bulk purchase item. Ideal for guest rooms, staff areas, washrooms etc. ..
  Charm Aerosol Apple and Kiwi Air Freshener     Ideal for mas..
  Swarfega® Orange   formally Tufenega   Description: Advanced..
Grit Disk-Sandscreen Pad 15" The professionals No.1 choice for sanding dull and scuffed w..
Hygiene Evolution  Mop 250g Durable mix of synthetic and bleached cotton yarn ..
Kentucky Clip Plastic Clip holder for kentucky mops  Suitable for all sizes&nb..
Kentucky Mop Bucket and Wringer Sturdy plastic composition coloured  for segre..
Kentucky Stayflat  Mop  12oz Traditional kentucky mop head Durable PY yar..
Kentucky Stayflat  Mop  16oz Traditional kentucky mop head Durable PY yar..
Professional Mop Bucket Sturdy plastic composition coloured  for segregated cl..
Push Fit  Mop 200g Durable PY yarn Colour coded plastic socket for segragated ..
Standard Bucket  Plastic contruction  10 litre capacity  Colou..

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