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Salmon Food Hygiene Technology

Salmon Food Hygiene Technology

Food Hygiene Products 

Our prefered supplier for food hygiene products are Hill Brush who continue to provide innovative solutions for quality and hygiene managers with regard to the ever-present threats of disease and contamination. Through extensive R & D the Salmon Hygiene Technology product line continues to expand producing the highest quality manual cleaning tools available anywhere in the world, specifically used in food safety environments.

Hygiene is a Requirement

Hygiene is a basic requirement in all modern food related establishments and manufacturing plants, with regard to legislation and customers. Productivity must be maximised and employees require a hygienic working environment. Requirements can be difficult to achieve but the best results are gained through good training and the right use of equipment and cleaning systems such as Salmon Hygiene Technology.

Good Hygiene Saves Money

Good hygiene influences both the working environment and public health. Poor hygiene can cost the company a lot of money in the form of a tarnished image/reputation and inedible or sub-standard products. Good hygiene can be ensured through the establishment of good routines, namely:

Basic knowledge of micro-organisms and how useful micro-organisms can be exploited and dangerous ones minimised.

Correct cleaning methods, specially designed for the food industry.

Using high-quality, ergonomically designed cleaning implements such as Salmon Hygiene Technology which are appropriate to the tasks.

Ensuring that the users are fully trained in the correct use of cleaning equipment and the risks associated with hygiene.

Why Salmon Hygiene Technology ensures a safer and more efficient cleaning process

  • Much faster in achieving goals required.
  • The ergonomics of the product have an effect on the person using it, leading to prolonged energy and usage.
  • Extremely easy to clean.
  • Available in nine colours to help avoid cross-contamination (HACCP).
  • Supreme quality and durability.
  • Innovative tools for problem areas.
  • Tools withstand high temperatures.
  • A safer environment overall, giving cleaning managers peace of mind
  • Colour Coding

Colour Coding greatly assists managers requiring interdepartmental or food type segregation who are implementing HACCP systems, and significantly reduces the chance of cross contamination. In “The Food Hygiene Handbook" (Highfield Publications, first published 1982), Richard Sprenger recommends “the use of different colours or shapes as a code to ensure equipment used for raw food is not used for high risk food". Salmon Hygiene Technology products are stocked in nine colours including blue, green, red, white, yellow, orange, purple and black with most products available with matching coloured backs. Black monofilaments of all diameters are stocked, and most of the brooms and brushes in this brochure can be filled with black material to special order, if they are not available as a standard product.

Salmon Hygiene Technology does not designate particular colours for specific areas or food types, because this is the responsibility of the cleaning managers. Some establishments require inter-departmental equipment segregation, but others require inter-food equipment segregation.

All our web based products are non resin filled brushes unless marked, if you have requirements for resin set brushes please email us for prices and delivery.


HACCP is a prevention-based system developed by the US Department of Agriculture to help food processors and food service companies eliminate food safety hazards by identifying Critical Control Points. The Points are defined as steps or procedures in the food-handling process, where controls can be applied to prevent or reduce hazards. HACCP is designed to minimise food safety risks by predicting where they are likely to occur and taking preventive action. EC Regulation 852/2004 states that “food business operators shall put in place, implement and maintain a permanent procedure or procedures based on the HACCP principles".

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PLASTIC SHOVEL T GRIP    size; 320mm x 260 mm overall 1150mm  colour; bl..
Aluminium Handle  size; 1360mm Stock; NA Colour; handle/thread  red, blue, green..
BULK TANK BRUSH  size; 216mm stock; medium soft  0.35 colour; blue,green, red, w..
BULK TANK BRUSH  size; 216mm stock; stiff  0.60 colour; blue,green, red, white, ..
DECK SCRUB BRUSH  size; 197 X 47mm stock; stiff   swivel connection  colo..
DOUBLE WING SCRUBBING BRUSH     ​size; 209mm x 60mm Stock; stiff Colour; red, bl..
FLAT SWEEPING BROOM  size; 457 X 75Mmm stock; medium   0.46mm colour; blue,green..
FLAT SWEEPING BROOM STIFF size; 457 X 75Mmm stock; stiff   0.46mm colour; blue,green,..
GROUT SCRUB BRSH  size; 240 X 35Mmm stock; stiff   swivel connection  col..
HAND PAN SHOVEL    soft grip handle size; 320mm x 260 mm overall 580mm  ..
Standard Bucket  Robust polypropylene construction  14 litre capacity  Colo..
Heavy Duty Floor Scraper   Aluminium Handle Sprung steel replaceable blade (FS02) C..
Heavy Duty Floor Scraper Blades   Sprung steel replaceable blade fits FS01 Alumininium..
Heavy Duty  Tool Hanger  ​size; 77 x 86mm Colour;   blue, green, red, white, ..